Weight is a major concern and being over-weight could lead to many associated lifestyle disorders like diabetes and increased risk for heart diseases. The journey to weight loss could be a challenging journey, and I see many clients who have previously tried for weight loss but were not successful. 

Flab to Fab:

Nowadays PCOS is one of the main reasons behind weight gain and infertility among women. Women with PCOS suffer from a hormone imbalance which makes ovulation irregular and erratic. It also alters their metabolism rate, leading to a tendency of putting on / gaining weight at a fast pace. In such a case, losing weight seems to be an uphill task though losing weight itself is one of the remedies to rectify / cope up with PCOS. Our focus is to provide a combination of a balanced diet, counselling and lifestyle modification to achieve the best of the results. We patiently listen to you and thus prepare the diet plans keeping in mind your taste, working hours, cultural and religious factors. What we won%u2019t recommend are crash diets, medicines and therapies. Just you, your counsellor and your diet and we can fight the problem and solve it.


Weight management with Hypothyroidism

Believe me, maintaining an ideal weight is not a cake walk especially when you and your hypothyroidism dwell together. Healthy foods, controlled portion sizes and regular exercise %u2013 are the key components to losing weight. If you have hypothyroidism, your underactive thyroid gland also plays a major role. But, with a proper balanced diet and lifestyle changes, we can help you to lose weight and at the same time we can also help you to achieve optimum nutrition. It is generally seen that hypothyroid patients are easily over powered by depression and myriad mood swings. We at Health is Wealth provide special counselling sessions, relieving the stress of our patients. And yes, you can definitely munch on to your favourite food as well.


Weight management post pregnancy

And here arrives your little bundle of joy about whom you had been long dreaming of. Its feeding becomes your priority and so does shedding those extra kilos that you had put on during your pregnancy. Although every new mom is eager to look like her previous self once again, the number one priority you ought to maintain is %u2018patience%u2019 while getting back into shape. Your favourite celebrity might have gone straight from the delivery room into her size zero jeans but she may not have done that in a way which was good for her health. But hold on dear friend %u2018patience and only patience%u2019 is the key word out here. It took you nine long months to reach here so it should at least take that long itself to tone up as earlier.



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