Dietitian\'s Instructions for Holi Festivel

Dietitian's Instructions for Holi Festivel

By Sunaina Khetarpal  on: 04 March 2015
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As we are celebrating Holi…the festival of colors and joy, we must take care that we should not indulge in overeating and consuming high caloric snack. Also the colors produce harm effects to skin and hair, here are few tips to keep your skin rejuvenating.

  • Avoid overeating and consuming high caloric snacks.
  • While you enjoy every moment of celebration, we think avoiding calories can be impossible, it is not so.
  • Use low fat and low sugar ingredients
  • Make use of low fat ingredients like low fat milk, low sugar products, honey and jaggery and other dairy products to make sweets and snacks.
  • Use a limited quantity of oil for cooking
  • Limit the use of oil in your diet. Use healthy oils like olive oil, mustard oil, canola oil or rice bran oil for cooking. Avoid reused oil for frying as it will increase the free radicals which are harmful for skin and heart. It is also not advisable for asthmatics to have fried foods as it will cause shortening of breath.
  • Though fried food tastes good it is not good for health. We have a tendency to eat more of oily food during occasion but we should keep a watch on it.
  • Drink fluids : Take lots n lots of healthy fluids in your diet. You can have coconut water, vegetable juices, thandai, jaljeera, gulab jal and so on. These fluids will fill up your stomach and results in eating lesser fried foods.
  • Go for healthy snacking: Add more of fruits, salads with some special healthy dressings like flaxseed ,honey and olive oil, bean chat, bean tikki, paneer can also munch on nuts as they will provide you satiety as well as nutrition.
  • Portion size : Try to eat in smaller plates as it will help you in choosing lesser quantities. Use of smaller bowls and glasses also helps you in consuming lesser quantities.​

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The acid cooking of meat can add calcium since the acid dissolves some of the calcium from bones. Acid foods such as tomatoes or spaghetti sauce when cooked for a long time in iron utensils will dissolve some of the iron from the utensils and be higher in this nutrient. Digestibility of several foods such as starches improves on cooking. During cooking starch swells and cell walls burst making it easy for the enzymes in the digestive juices to have access to starch and digest it.  Cooking eggs help in destroying the avidin which is known to bind biotin and make it unavailable. Heating or autoclaving the legumes help destroying the trypsin inhibitors and improve the quality.  Cooking in acid medium with tamarind or other acid foods has a protective effect against vitamins.  Cutting the vegetables into small pieces and exposing them to air before cooking may result in loss of vitamins particularly vitamin C.  Certain amounts of minerals and vitamins are lost during preliminary washing of rice before cooking. Washing may remove as much as 40% of thiamine and nicotinic acid. Boiling rice in excess water and discarding the water results in loss of some amount of minerals and vitamins. The practice of adding of baking soda to water when cooking vegetables to retain the green color can result in loss of the alkaline sensitive nutrients, vitamin C, thiamin and riboflavin. Juicing of the vegetables can cause the loss of vitamin A and C, calcium and phosphorous.  If milk is allowed to be heated for an hour for preparing some products, there is loss of riboflavin.  High heat in frying can cause fats to decompose and fat soluble vitamins to be destroyed. Smoking is a sign that this decomposition is taking place.  The use of alkaline material such as lye for peeling fruit for example, peaches and tomatoes can have detrimental effects on vitamin C and thiamin
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